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We pride ourselves on our personalized service, and we strive to fully educate customers on their product of interest. Our sales staff has a vast knowledge of the products we offer, and will provide any desired information in a “low-pressure, no-hassle” manner. We also welcome spa customers to bring in their swim suits and “test-drive” spas to affirm their purchase decisions.

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Grandee is a soothing experience

This Grandee spa was the best investment I ever made. I have various ailments, and my body aches at the end of the work day. After a 15 minute soak, I feel good as new.


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Best Decision Ever

The SX model is the perfect size for my family of three. It is not too big for our deck as it still gives us plenty of room for other items. The best part about the spa is the bonding taking place when our family relaxes together. My children, who … Read More


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How a Hot Spring Spas Hot Tub Is Made

Have you ever wondered how a Hot Spring hot tub is made? Watch as we take you through our manufacturing facility located in Vista, CA. Get your questions about hot tub manufacturing answered.